Our Approach

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Our key focus at CHR Consulting is to become your partner of choice based on our approach to service excellence and ultimately our ability to satisfy your requirements in a timely, cost-efficient and professional manner.

Having sat at both sides of the recruiting table, we believe we bring both a valuable insight into and a genuine desire to ensure that our candidates and our clients are dealt with in a manner that exceeds their expectations.

As a candidate we will work hard to present you with opportunities which delight and enthuse you.  
However, this may not mean that we are always fortunate enough to place you in your next role. After all, not every candidate is placed by an agency.
It will mean however, that our communications with you are always timely, courteous, relevant and above all honest – even if that sometimes means hearing information that you’d hoped would be different.
Our intention is to find your next career move and if not, to leave you with an experience which has been credible, supportive and above all positive.

As a client, we will strive to understand the heart of your vacancy, putting your total role remit, culture, team structure and potential immediate challenges and opportunities into context. Our knowledge will ensure the absolute best fit of candidates for your business and may even encourage dialogue that crystallises your opinion on skill/person specification.